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With 21 years experience, registered clinical hypnotherapist Matt Jacobs has a wealth of knowledge and techniques at his disposal to help you achieve the results and changes that you want to make. Matt has honed the art and science of hypnosis over the years which has helped him resolve a vast catalogue of issues for people from every walk of life. 

Not only is Matt one of London’s top hypnotherapists but he also holds online hypnotherapy sessions and offers home visits to see clients worldwide.



Matt Jacobs holds the highest possible qualification in the UK. A masters degree in clinical hypnotherapy which he gained with distinction. He was the first person in the world to gain this award.

Hypnotherapy is not regulated by law in the UK and it can be confusing for the public to navigate the myriad of hypnotherapy qualifications that they are presented with when searching for a hypnotherapist. With an MSc. in Clinical Hypnotherapy from a bona fide UK university you can be confident in choosing London Hypnosis.



The vast majority of Matt's clients are referrals and recommendations from people he has helped during his career as one of London's best hypnotherapists.

Constant recommendations and referrals only come from successful outcomes and satisfied clients.

If you are considering hypnotherapy you can be assured of the very best treatment at London Hypnosis.

Call, email or text today for a no obligation chat about how hypnotherapy can help you. 

 Matt Jacobs is a leading London hypnotherapist who is referred clients by top medical professionals who are the best in their field.


Cardiac consultants, neurosurgeons, gut specialists, osteopaths etc regularly refer patients to Matt due to his reputation as an expert in clinical hypnotherapy whose knowledge is grounded in years of experience and empirical research.


Matt has used hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help thousands of people with issues such as anxiety, phobias, weight control, trichotillomania (hair pulling} stop smoking, cocaine addiction, bruxism (teeth grinding) panic attacks, depression, alcohol, nail biting, exam nerves etc. He is in particluar demand for treating children suffering from anxiety. 


 Matt is availble worldwide so no matter where you are, you have acesses to one of the best hypnotherpists available. He has clinics in the West End of London, Edgware,  sees clients online and in the comfort of their own homes with hypnotherapy home visits.


If you are considering hypnosis or have any questions about about how sessions are conducted, Matt is available for an

informal, no obligation chat to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch today. 

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been used in various forms for thousands of years.

From the sleep temples of  Egypt to Sigmund Freud and the genius of MIlton Erikson to the present day with the latest cutting edge techniques.

Hypnosis is safe, natural and highly effective. 

By accessing the powerful unconscious mind, hypnotherapy can bring about rapid, lasting change. Often where other therapies have been less successful.



Hypnosis. The key to your unconscious.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that allows you to harness the limitless potential of your unconscious mind




Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. It's a state which individuals allow themselves to enter so that a skilled hypnotist can give beneficial and positive suggestions directly to the unconscious mind. Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, you can't do it wrong. Only your way is the correct way.  Some people stay in a light hypnotic state, some will go into medium state of hypnosis and some reach the deepest levels of hypnotic trance. Contrary to popular belief someone in hypnosis always retains control and they cannnot be made to do anything against their will. 

 Under hypnosis, the conscious, critical part of the brain is bypassed, and the uncounscious is accessed where the indivdual becomes suggestable. Suggestibility doesn't mean one is gullible. It simply means they are more open to new ideas and so beacome receptive to positive change. 



People are not treated with hypnosis but rather theated in hypnosis. This is where the hypnotherapy part comes into play. It's relatively easy to hypnotise an indivudual but to know how to treat someone for an issue, safely and effectivley takes and enormous amount of training and expericence.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat vast number of issues from anxiety to pain control and when practised by a qualifed hypnotherapist it is safe and extremely powerful.

Because suggestions are given to the unconscious mind, it is often the case that many issues can be resolved in a much shorter time scale compared to other therapies. 

Hypnotherapy can seen as a set of keys where the therapist will skillfully choose the correct ones to use and thus unlock any barriers to change and so release the full potential of the individual. 

Alpha & theta


Normal states of consciousness i.e. sleeping, dreaming, or being awake, can be detected in brain wave patterns. 

Hypnosis can be experinced as light, medium or deep.

An individulal in a lighter trance is experiencing alpha brain waves, similar to day dreaming, being absorbed in a film, reading a book, or  arriving at your destination after driving there but reacalling little of the journey.

Those who move to the deeper levels of hypnosis are producing theta waves. 

It really doesnt matter what level the indivividul reaches as long as the hypnotherapist is skilled in recognising which depth that has beep reached. 

The trance state is therefore a natural phenomenon and as such when clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy is practised by a highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist it is completely safe.


 Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have a long history of being used in the UK.



The medical use of hypnosis was first approved by the British Medical Association in 1892 and then again in 1955. The use of medical hypnosis  was popularised by surgeons and physicians like James Esdaile John Elliotson, and researchers like James Braid who discoveredboth the biological, mental and physical benefits of hypnosis. 



Hypnotherapy can trigger positive change when practiced by a skilled and experienced hypnotherapist. Matt always likens one's mind to a giant sat nav. Extremely powerful but useless unless we show it what we want. Far too often we programme the sat nav of our minds with what we DON’T want. “I dont want to be scared, I dont want to be worried, I don’t want to fail that test." The mind will then show you what you don't want. It will show you failing the test, you then interpret this as real and in turn fire off all the stress responses that accompany the images in your mind. You cannot NOT think of something, For example do NOT think of the next sentence, do NOT imagine it, ok? Do NOT think of an elephant with a monkey on its back playing a drum. You thought of it didn’t you? You had to. If I had never mentioned the elephant you wouldn't have brought it into you mind. You brought it into existence by trying NOT to think of it. So, now imagine the power of programming what you DO want into you mind. Showing yourself what you DO want rather than what you don’t. With hypnosis and hypnotherapy, this is made easier by bypassing the critical conscious mind and accessing the unconscious mind so that beneficial, healthy, positive suggestions are seeded and take root helping you to make the changes you want to make.


Matt often hears the question: What if I can't reach a deep level of trance?  The good news is that deep trance is not needed to treat the vast majority of conditions. Some people do not go any deeper than closing their eyes and feeling comfortable, yet still achieve the same therapeutic results as those who are capable of the deepest (somnambulistic) levels of trance. Just a willingness to follow some simple instructions is all that is required.


Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful therapy that Matt has used to help thousands of individuals let go of habits, reach their goals, heal from trauma, break negative loops and has treated everything from anxiety to zoophobia. Get in touch today to see how Matt and hypnotherapy can help you.



London Hypnosis Testimonials


Hear what our clients say about London Hypnosis and how hypnotherapy has helped them.

Names have been removed for total anonymity.


Home visit 


I saw Matt over ten years

ago now to stop smoking.

Haven’t smoked a single cigarette since. Never thought I could stop but it was so easy with hypnosis.

Panic Attacks

West End


I suffered with panic attacks since my late teens and they seemed to be getting worse as I got older. Three sessions of hypnotherapy with Matt gave me the tools to end the attacks.




Matt at London Hypnosis helped me beyond belief. My anxiety was completely out of control. It was ruining my life. I’ve now got my life back after so many lost years.




My confidence took a huge knock after my divorce. Matt taught me among over things, self hypnosis. I feel I have turned a corner in my life now thanks to him.


Home visit 


I realised my alcohol use was becoming a problem and found Matt online. He helped me to make the changes I needed to make. A wonderful, funny guy.

Weight Loss

Home visit 


I saw Matt for hypnotherapy for weight loss. Part of Matt’s secret is his personality. He makes you feel understood and shapes the hypnotherapy to you and your goals. 




I was able to roll back years of trauma, self loathing and image issues thanks to the compassionate hypnotherapy that Matt practices. He's amazing! 




I was drinking far too much to cope with the stress at work. Hypnotherapy with Matt showed me how I needed to prioritise myself and my mental health.




I had a phobia of fish. I couldn’t even watch Finding Nemo! Matt cracked it in two sessions using EMDR and hypnotherapy. I even love snorkelling now!


Home Visit


I suffered from IBS for many years and it really impacted my quality of life. The techniques Matt taught me have improved my life beyond measure.




I saw Matt with hypnotherapy online for my insomnia. Matt explained everything about the process so that I felt completly at ease before we started. I can sleep!


West End


I quit smoking by moving to vaping but then could not stop vaping! I stopped vaping with Matt using hypnotherapy.

Matt explained the psychology behind smoking and vaping is the same.   


Home Visit


Matt helped me turn the lights back on in my life after years of depression. His style and  personality gave me hope from the very first session A brilliant hypnotherapist.  




Hypnotherapy at London Hypnosis helped me out of a slump I was experiencing with my golf. Matt helped me break the negative loop I was in. I'm now playing the best golf I've ever played.

Health Anxiety

Home Visit


I'd never really been an anxious person until the Covid lockdown. I developed health anxiety and started to think I had everything under the sun wrong with me. Hypnotherapy helped me to  reset and stop the fear. 

Hair Pulling

West End


I began pulling my hair out when I was young and couldn't stop. Matt explaied it was a stress response and taught me self hypnosis. I haven't pulled my hair for years now. 


Home visit


Matt treated both my girls for exam nerves that were making them physically sick and their lives (and ours!) a misery. They are far calmer now and cope far better at exam times. 




After the sudden death of my husand my world collapsed. I was reluctant to go on anti-depressants. I found hypnotherapist Matt Jacobs and he helped me through the darkest time possible. 




I was angry at everything. It was a real problem that I had never dealt with. My friend recommended Matt to me. I'm like a different person now after our hypnotherapy sessions.





Matt's hypnotherapy home visits were so helpful to me as I was unable to travel very far without a feeling of dread and fear. I still use the self hypnosis he taught me daily and it's life changing. 

Hypnotherapy in London Treatments

Below is just a small selection of issues that London Hypnosis treats 
Hypnotherapy for Alcohol
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
Hypnotherapy for Children
Hypnotherapy for Confidence




Hypnotherapy for Depression
Hypnotherapy for IBS
Hypnotherapy for Insomnia
Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks




Hypnotherapy for Phobias
Hypnotherapy for Smoking
Hypnotherapy for Stress
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss