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Everyone has the ability to be confident in themselves and their abilities in any situation they may find themselves in. With the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to access the resources in the unconscious mind, limiting beliefs and restrictive thoughts can be challenged and replaced with confidence and self belief. 

Read on to find out how hypnotherapy can boost your confidence. 

Increase your confidence with hypnotherapy    


London Hypnosis can help you to be a more confident you 

What is confidence?


A large number of people seek hypnotherapy for confidence and the first things to establish is:

“What does confidence mean to you? In what situations do you want to feel confident?”

Everyone is confident at something, even the person who says they have zero confidence will  have confidence in one area of their life no matter how small. This confidence resource is like a box. A box of confidence that can be opened at any time and used in situations where in the past, a lack of confidence was a problem. 

Imagine having access to that powerful confidence any tie you need it, at work, public speaking, social engagements, sports performance etc.

Your confidence is within you  and hypnotherapy is the key accessing it and allowing you to become your very best, most confident you.

Your conifident mind


Your mind is like a confidence sat nav. The most powerful confidence computer capable of finding every destination you can imagine.

But this confidence sat nav of your mind is completely and utterly useless. Useless that is until you program it with what you want.

With confidence issues  we often program ourselves to show us at our least confident, we show ourselves failing tests, forgetting lines, miss-kicking a ball, not making eye contact etc. When we do this, the mind will lead us to what what don’t want, a lack of confidence.

By being aware of this confidence guidance system, by programming it and harnessing it, your unconscious will begin to understand what you want and lead you there. 

By installing anchors in hypnosis, Matt can help you program your mind for ultimate confidence.

positive self talk


A lack of confidence can often be the reason for failing at certain tasks that we are more than capable of succeeding in. It can also be the root of not even attempting these tasks in the first place. This lack of confidence manifests itself as negative self talk such as “there are other people who will be far better than me, my ideas are not good enough, people will laugh at my performance” This negative self talk chips away at confidence and can make individuals withdraw from goals where can easily succeed when the confidence levels are high.

Hypnotherapy changes your confidence level by installing the positive self talk you need which in turn provides your   unconscious mind with a road map to success which builds momentum until a confident you becomes your default mode of living. Make contact today to find your confidence with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for confidence 


When treating confidence with hypnotherapy Matt often tells the following story of his own experience in realising the power of confidence:


“This episode in my life was a wonderful learning experience  of how one behaves when imbued with a strong sense of unshakeable confidence. I was in a country pub I’d never been in before and having just ordered a drink at the bar I handed the barman a £50 note. He hands me my change and I find a seat outside.


On inspecting the change, I find he has given me change for a £20 and not the £50 I gave him. I walked back in to the bar explaining the error. The barman looked confused as he checked the till. Twice. He shrugs and says: “Well the till must be wrong or something but I looks like you have gave me a £20, but here you go there’s the change for a £50” Thanking him for remedying his mistake I sit back outside.


A few minutes later my phone rings and as I take it out of my pocket the £50 note I thought I gave the barman comes out with the phone. I feel mortified about my dishonesty and hurry back into bar to explain my mistake and return the money. The barman thanks me for my honesty and says “I could have sworn you gave me a £20 but you said it was a £50 with such confidence and such self belief I thought I must be in the wrong.”


This experience hit me like a thunderbolt. To act with complete unshakable  confidence is to change your world, to change others reactions around you and to get what you want. Now the above example is not to encourage dishonest behaviour, it is used as an example of how my complete confidence in my belief that I had given him a £50 utterly changed my behaviour, my posture, my assertiveness, my tone of voice.


In hypnosis I get my clients to rehearse how this confidence will feel in their lives in areas where they need supremely confident. The hypnotherapy I use for confidence opens the door for the client to experience supreme confidence then to use it and harness it whenever and wherever they want”


A lack of confidence can affect anyone from any walk of life. Matt remembers an Oscar winning actor who started to believe they may not work again as they weren’t good enough. Some people are amazed at this story about how a successful actor can lose confidence, but this just highlights how irrational confidence can be.


This type of lack of confidence can often be known as Imposter Syndrome. It’s a feeling that you dont deserve to be where you are, that somehow you’ve got here by luck and are about to be found out. At any moment someone will expose you as a chancer and a fraud. Imposter syndrome almost always affects individuals who are self made, who have created something by themselves, through their own talents, often with little help from others.


Using powerful hypnotherapy techniques Matt can turn this around so the individual becomes aware of their own unique talents and achievements and thus builds the confidence they so rightly deserve.


If you feel you lack confidence in an area of you life, get in touch today to see how Matt can help you discover or rediscover your confidence with hypnotherapy.



Hypnotherapy for confidence



London Hypnosis confidence clients share their experices of how hypnotherpy has helped them

Names have been removed for total anonymity.



My confidence took a knock during covid as work slowed to a trickle. After lockdown was lifted I was left with a feeling that I wasn’t good enough. I had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Matt which completely turned me around. I'm so much more confident now.




West End 


Hypnotherapy for my confidence was brilliant. It was like I finally took the blinkers off and could see what I had achieved and could finally feel super confident about what I could achieve. Go and see Matt if you lack confidence, you wont regret it!




Home Visit 


I had some hypnotherapy home visits for confidence with Matt about two years ago after a traumatic break up. The sessions built my sense of self belief, self worth and above above all my confidence to move forward.





Home visit 


I had never been a confident person but hypnotherapy with Matt changed all that. We worked on my beliefs about myself and we challenged them at every turn and replaced them with ones grounded in reality. My confidence is strong now.  





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