Hypnotherapy can give you 


Freedom from anxiety, limiting beliefs, unwanted behaviours  smoking, addictions, phobias, trauma, the list is endless. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are  incredibly powerful tools that can set you free. In the hands of an experienced hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy is completely safe and free from any adverse side affects. Below is just very small sample of conditions that London Hypnosis treats.

A small selection of hypnotherapy treatments

Matt Jacobs has treated a huge range of issues during his twenty years as a clincial hypnotherapist.

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There has been an “explosion” in anxiety in Britain over the last decade, research shows. Lead researcher Prof Nick Freemantle said "Given the steep increases in anxiety revealed by this research, and the sheer number of people affected, it is now clear that Britain has a really serious and worsening problem with anxiety, which can have devastating effects on people’s lives."

No one should be living in a constant state of anxiety.

Matt Jacobs has a vast amount of experience in helping anxiety clients and can help you.

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Matt Jacobs is a renowned expert in treating smoking with hypnotherapy and has clients worldwide that book to see him for this service.

His stop smoking technique is grounded in research evidence taken from the world's first empirical study that he carried out looking at treating smoking and cue reactivity with clinical hypnosis.

Matt carries out his stop smoking with hypnotherapy service in just one session with free back ups for two weeks should they be needed but people very rarley are in need of these back up sessions. 

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It is estimated that obesity is responsible for more than 30,000 deaths each year. 

The prevalence of obesity is similar among men and women, but men are more likely to be overweight. On average, obesity deprives an individual of an extra 9 years of life, preventing many individuals from reaching retirement age. In the future, obesity could overtake tobacco smoking as the biggest cause of preventable death.

Using hypnotherapy Matt Jacobs helps his client to completely change their relationship with food.

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The NHS argues "drinking more than 14 units of alcohol a week can risk damaging your health. New evidence around the health harms from regular drinking has emerged in recent years.

There's now a better understanding of the link between drinking and some illnesses, including a range of cancers.

The previously held position that some level of alcohol was good for the heart has been revised."

If you feel you need help with alcohol you can find out more here about how Matt can help you: Hypnotherapy for Alcohol.



Over the years Matt Jacobs has used hypnotherapy to treat every kind of phobia you could imagine. Phobias of buttons, flying, vomiting, the dark, fish, snakes, people chewing, almonds, lipstick this list goes on and on. Some phobias are incredibly easy to break with hypnosis and some go deeper. There is evidence that some traumatic events may be passed on in our genetic make up. One could argue hese could be responsible for the more deeply rooted phobias.

Find out more how Matt can help you. Hypnotherapy for Phobias


Treatment of IBS by conventional means is often unsatisfactory, with symptoms failing to respond to an array of currently available medications. Gut directed hypnotherapy, however, has been shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of IBS, with the majority of patients showing improvement in symptoms, associated extra-colonic features and quality of life. W M Gonsalkorale et al (2003)

Matt has found hypnotherapy to be an extremely potent approach in dealing with those who suffer from IBS. Find out more here: Hypnotherapy for IBS.



According to the "Exam Factories?" report commissioned by the National Union of Teachers and conducted independently by Merryn Hutchings, emeritus professor at London Metropolitan University, teachers in England are seeing unprecedented levels of school-related anxiety, stress and mental health problems among pupils of all age groups and abilities, particularly around test or exam time.

Matt Jacobs regularly helps children who suffer in this way, often in the comfort of their own homes with a hypnotherapy home visit. Read more here: Hypnotherapy for exam nerves. 


Confidence is an issue Matt regularly treats with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

The trick is to find out what area the individual wants to be confident in.

No one is confident all of the time or confident about everything they do, but everyone is confident about SOMETHING they do. Harnessing this resource state and applying it to any area where one want to feel confident can prove to be extremely powerful in boosting confidence.

Matt can help you become your very best, confident self.

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Matt treats PTSD using Eye movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) which is in his view is the most appropriate and powerful approach in dealing with the devastation caused by trauma. From survivors of sexual abuse through to emergency service personnel who attended the 7/7 London terror attacks, Matt applies EMDR with skills and compassion so that the emotion is decoupled from the event. For Matt, this is one of his most rewarding therapies when he can set someone free from the constant loop of the trauma. If you are suffering from from PTSD, find out how Matt can help you here: EMDR For PTSD.

Amongst many other issues Matt has successfully treated the following conditions using hypnotherapy.


 Alcohol, Addictions, Agoraphobia, Anger, Anorexia, Bed Wetting, Body Dismorphia, Bullimia, Confidence, Depression, Driving Tests, Eating Disorders, Emetophobia, Fear of Exams, Fear of Flying, Fear of Spiders, General Anxiety Disorder, Hair Pulling, Hypnotherapy for Children, Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS, Low Self Esteem, ME, Migraines. Motivation, Nightmares, OCD, Panic Attacks, Performance, Public Speaking, Self Harm, Sexual Problems, Social Anxiety, Sleeping Problems, Sports Performance, Stage Fright, Stress Management, Stammering, Tinnitus, Trichotillomania, Unwanted Habits..