Hypnotherapy for 

weight loss 

The key to weight loss and permanent weight control is to fundamentally change your relationship with food. To begin to see what food really is, a fuel for the body. Not a reward, nor a comfort, tranquilliser, or distraction.

Using powerful hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques Matt Jacobs at London Hypnosis can help you achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight.

London hypnosis can help you reach your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight.

Weight loss


Diets work. If you restrict your calorific intake you will lose weight.

But the question is, what to do when you reach your desired weight?

Stay on the diet forever?

Deny yourself you favourite foods forever?

Few individuals would be able or even willing to do this.

If you struggle to control your weight, hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnosis can help to to re set your relationship with food so that you don't pick, binge, comfort eat or yo yo diet. 

Many people try hypnosis for weight loss after many years of fad diets and wished they had tried hypnotherapy sooner.

Matt Jacobs at London Hypnosis has helped thousands of people lose weight with hypnotherapy. Make contact today to find out more. 



An overweight or obese male is:

    Two and a half times more likely to develop high blood pressure.

    Five times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

    Three times more likely to develop colon cancer.

An overweight or obese woman is:

    Four times more likely to develop high blood pressure.

    Thirteen times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

     Three times more likely to have a heart attack.

The negatives are obvious. But this can often make us bury our heads in the sand. 

The postives are are often dissmised though. Inagine how nice it would be to only eat when you are truly hungry?

Hypnotherapy at London Hypnosis can help you achieve this.



In England 6 percent of the adult population are either overweight of obese.

A person is deemed to be overweight if they have a body mass index of between 25-29 and obese if the number is above 30.

With modern conveniences designed to make our lives easier, desk jobs where little energy is expended combined with high calorie food, the nations waistlines are increasing.

Being over weight or obese can have catastrophic effects on health.

It can easy to put off making changes and lose weight as the thought of cutting out your favourie foods, paying for gyn membership etc sets up a negative asscoation with weight loss. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can turn that around and get you to focus on the positives of losing weight.

Lose weight and keep it off with hypnosis


London Hypnosis has helped thousands of people lose weight with hypnotherapy


People who often struggle with weight loss can over eat as a symptom of deeper issues. Low self esteem, lack of confidence, poor perception of body image can all play a role in over eating and the subsequent weight gain.

By addressing these and using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to create positive permanent change the individual becomes empowered to take control and let go of the feelings connected with food.

Whether its sugar addiction, commitment to healthy eating, losing a few pounds or attacking obesity, hypnotherapy can help you to move forward.

How nice would it be to not constantly think about food? To let go of thinking of calories? Of fat content? Of when you can and cannot eat. Imagine how nice it would be to only eat you’re truly hungry. Not just peckish but truly hungry. When your body is ready to actually utilise those calories instead of storing then as fat. Changing your thoughts and feelings connected with food is the key for lasting success.

Weight loss with hypnotherapy can help you achieve this. To stop the medication with food. To break the association  of love with food. To begin to see food as merely a fuel for the body.

Matt Jacobs at London Hypnosis tailors his weight loss hypnotherapy to the individual so that your personal relationship with food can be changed in the most positive healthy way. Forever.

London Hypnosis Weight Loss Testimonials


Hear what clients say about how hypnotherapy for weight loss has helped them.

Names have been removed for total anonymity.

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My binge eating was a real problem, mainly at times of stress. My doctor recommeded that I should see matt for weight loss hypnotherapy. I'm so glad I did. Matt explained the underlying issues that were driving the binging. I've feel so much more in control of my eating since I started seeing him. 

West End 


I originally saw Matt about 5 years back In London when he treated my anxiety with hypnosis. I saw him this time to help me lose weight as I was addicted to sugar. Matt is so knowledgeable and skilled at what he does. If you're looking for a hypnotherapist then MATT IS THE BEST!




I gained a lot of weight after having my second child and it was affecting me mentally as well as physically. Hypnotherapy with Matt worked wonderfully as we worked towards changing my mindest towards food as Matt expained I was medicating myself with food. I'm so much slimmer and fitter now. Matt makes the sessions enjoyable too. 



I'd struggled with my weight all my life, yo yo dieting for as long as could remember. It had always been a problem. I went to see Matt in London for hypnotherapy in an attempt to help me lose weight and keep it off. That was two years ago now and I've mantained a healthy weight ever since. I still see Matt every six months just to keep on track.

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