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When Matt give talks or lectures on hypnosis and hypnotherapy, he makes the point that almost every condition he treats has a stress component at its core. From anxiety and panic attacks through to alcohol abuse and binge eating most issues lead back to a stress response triggering the behaviour.

Matt at London Hypnosis can help you manage and reduce your stress.

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Break free from stress at London Hypnosis

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Stress is the natural response to real or imagined danger. Stress can lead to physical and mental health complications and even premature death.

People rarely present at London Hypnosis with stress. Few people identify it as issue as they seek hypnotherapy to help to treat the symptoms such as the excessive wine in the evening, outbursts of anger, eating disorders and insomnia etc. By identifying the underlying core components that are firing the unwanted behaviour, more positive healthy coping mechanisms can be installed with hypnotherapy.

You are not designed to be living in a perpetual state of stress. Matt can help you identify where changes need to be made and teach you the coping tools and techniques that can free you from the silent killer of stress.



If you are suffering from stress its vital that you seek help to address and manage it. Numerous studies have shown that stress can cause or exacerbate health conditions such as; accelerated aging. anxiety, asthma, alzheimers. diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, headaches and IBS. The good news is that managing stress is easy to achieve and hypnotherapy is a powerful approach in combating stress. This first step is recognising that you are suffering from high levels of stress and then to identify areas where can eliminate it and areas where you can manage it. One of the greatest things you can do for your physical and mental health is to adress excessive levels of stress. 

Matt has a wealth of hypnosis techniques and skills that he uses in stress management that are proven to work.



Many individual’s ‘swallow”their stress. They are like swans that appear serene on the surface yet paddle like mad under the surface thinking they should mbe about to cope, they "should be able to cope” the pressure from work, from financial issues, from relationship strains etc.

These individuals are the most at risk from the diseases associated with stress and they are often the group that will self medicate with alcohol and drugs in an attempt to ‘relax’ but are ultimately trying to turn off the stress response.

Ironically, the strongest individuals are the ones who recognise their behaviour is not coping but merely masking the underlying issues. They realise they need help and that they need to make changes. Matt helps people make these changes with hypnotherapy stress management.

Hypnotherapy can help you manage stress


Stress is a throwback to our primeval origins We are only meant to experience high levels of stress for a only a few minutes a day. For example when we are hunting for food or in defence of our lives.


These situations rarely present themselves in our modern world yet out brains still respond to events as if we are mortal danger. It will respond the same to a threatening email as to an attacking tiger. The breathing rate increases, adrenaline and cortisol is released and the amygdala impairs the pre-frontal cortex which regulates rational thought. It does this for good reason. When faced with that aforementioned killer tiger you don’t wont to have rational thought. You didn’t want to Google “how to deal with a killer tiger”, you want to fight it or run away.


In the modern world though we want rational thought when faced with issues that can trigger stress. We need to rationalise and put that email into perspective, we need solution focused thinking. To detach from the emotional response and see a path through the obstacles.


If you look people commuting in London in the morning almost all of them are in a stress response, indeed they are shocked into stress by the unnatural sound of the alarm clock. The first thing they do is check social media and emails, which heaps stress upon stress. They stress about the train times, the work load ahead and at the end of the day they are stressed on the journey home.


All this adrenaline and cotisol go nowhere. It’s not used up by fighting or fleeing from the tiger. This chronic stress results results in dynamic changes in the body and brain and can manifest itself as outbursts of anger, anxiety, painful headaches and insomnia.


Matt uses hypnotherapy to not only help turn off this stress response but also by teaching self hypnosis, he empowers his clients to take control by themselves in any situation wherever they are.



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Stress management clients share their experices of how hypnotherpy has helped them

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I saw Matt over 5 years ago for stress management. I thought I was coping but it was becoming more and more obvious that I was not as I was drinking far too much and my marriage was suffering, Matt helped me turn all this around with hypnotherapy and by teaching me self hypnosis.



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 As the founder of a  international clothing company I was experiencing massive levels of stress and had done nothing about it for years. A friend suggested I have hypnotherapy with Matt . After five session I feel I can cope with almost anything without experiencing the horrible stress I used to.



West End


I actually went to Matt for teeth grinding and not stress. After finding about my life he explained it was an expression and symptom of stress that I was under at work as a surgeon. I’d never had hypnotherapy before and was amazed how quickly I was able to reduce my stress.




Home visit 


I was promoted at work and soon become aware that I was not coping with the extra work load and was feeling stressed all the time, even at weekends and it was affecting my family. Matt taugh me selfhypnosis and helped me prioritise things in my life.




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