Hypnotherapy Home Visits 



London Hypnosis has two practices, one in the West End of London and the other in Edgware. Online hypnotherapy sessions are also a very popular service that is offered. Some people however, like to take advantage of hypnotherapy home visits.


A hypnotherapist attending your home or work place is preferable for many people for various reasons. Some have mobility issues and so struggle to make it to the West End or Edgware, some cannot find the travelling time and some simply prefer to be in the comfort of their own known environment. Individuals who suffer from agoraphobia, certain trauma survivors also prefer hypnotherapy home visits.


A high proportion of those who prefer home visits are parents who arrange appointments for their children. Matt sees a lot of children at home for varying issues such as exam nerves, anxiety issues, separation trauma etc and they respond wonderfully. The experience is enhanced for them if it’s a home visit as they feel safe and will more easily relax.


If you think a hypnotherapy home visit is preferable for you, get in touch today.

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