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Matt Jacobs at London Hypnosis has help hundreds of people tackle excessive alcohol consumption and binge drinking using hypnotherapy.

Often, drinking too much alcohol or binge drinking can be a symptom of other complications such as stress, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, relationship/work issues, etc.

By identifying these underlying issues and working through these with hypnosis and hypnotherapy to resolution, the desire to drink often subsides.

Hypnotherapy for help with alcohol

Hypnosis can help you with excessive alcohol consumption.

the problem


The first step is recognising a problem exists with drinking too much alcohol.

By being honest with yourself and identifying the patterns of excessive or binge drinking can help to you move forward and curb your drinking or even stop completely if that is the goal.

Matt Jacobs has a huge about of experience in using hypnosis and hypnotherapy for alcohol abuse and can help in a caring, confidential manner ho help you achieve the results you want.

London Hypnosis does not treat alcoholism as this a different approach and Matt feels that hypnotherapy is not appropriate for lasting success.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful approach however for those have come through alcoholism and are seeking help in rebuilding areas of their life or for those seeking help with binge drinking or excessive alcohol consumption.



Excessive alcohol consumption is becoming an increasing problem in the UK.

If you are consuming more than 14 units (six pints of beer or 10 glasses of wine) a week you could be putting your health at risk. More and evidence is becoming available that shows link between certain cancers and excessive drinking.

There is no safe level of drinking only low risk drinking. Regularly drinking over the recommended weekly limit of 14 units could lead to the development of cancers of the throat mouth and breast along with diseases of the liver and heart,  strokes damage to the nervous system and brain damage.

Cutting down on excessive alcohol consumption can be one the most rewarding things you can do for your body, your mental well-being and for your wallet.

Binge drinking


The rise of binge drinking has seen many people seeking help with hypnotherapy at London Hypnosis. Binge drinking is defined as consuming lots of alcohol in a short space of time typically more than eight units of alcohol for men and more than six for women.

Binge drinking can lead to serious complications such as alcohol poisoning and heart disease along with physical injuries.

Many individuals in the UK are unaware that they are binge drinking. They identify as “only drinking at weekends” but fail to realise the amount they are consuming in such a short space of time puts them in binge territory.

If you need help with binge drinking or excessive alcohol consumption, att Jacobs at London Hypnosis can help you move forward with powerful hypnotherapy techniques.

Let go of excessive drinking with hypnosis


London Hypnosis can help you change yoiur drinking habits with hypnotherapy


Excessive alcohol consumption is a huge problem in the UK and Matt is seeing more and more people seeking hypnotherapy with this issue. Alcohol is embedded in UK culture and so can sneak up on an individual and they can often be unaware that they are drinking to excessive and dangerous levels.

The pressures of modern life are leading more and more people to medicate with alcohol as they are running on stress all day and so seek an antidote in alcohol. The glass of wine to unwind of an evening turns into two glasses and then turns into a bottle. This then becomes habitual and it becomes difficult to stop.

At London Hypnosis Matt will work to identify the  underlying issues that drive need to drink to excessive levels. The above mentioned stress is often a culprit and addressing and dealing with this stress is a vital component in dealing with excessive alcohol consumption and binge drinking. Without this, one is merely treating the symptom and not the core issue driving the behaviour.

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy Matt can help you address these issues and so let go of the need to drink to excess or to binge drink. He has helped hundreds of people achieve this and he can help you too. Get in touch today.

London Hypnosis alcohol testimonials


Hear what clients say about how hypnotherapy for alchol has helped them.

Names have been removed for total anonymity.

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I was drinking each night after work where I did long hours. It had become a problem where I was relying on it cope and the amount of alcohol I was drinking was increasing. I saw Matt last year at London Hypnosis and I’ve completely turned this around. Working on the underlying stress was vital. 




I had hypnotherapy with Matt for my binge drinking. I would only drink on a Saturday but it had become increasingly more excessive and I was putting myself in dangerous situations. Admitting that I had a problem with alcohol was difficult but was one of the greatest things I’ve even done.




I was never a heavy drinker but I got caught up in an after works drinks culture which originally started only on Fridays but spread to weekdays until I was drinking every night. I had hypnosis with Matt and he was so good at listening to me.






Although not really excessive I felt was relying on alcohol to help me as I was not comfortable being alone with my thoughts. I’d never had hypnotherapy before but I’ve never felt so relaxed, chilled and comfortable in my own skin since my sessions with Matt.



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