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Anxiety can be debilitating. Overwhelming feelings of dread and fear that appear out of nowhere. Waking up with terror at the unfolding day, Thoughts racing and worst case scenarios playing out in an endless loop. Sufferers can often find it hard to express these feelings and so suffer in silence. It doesn’t have to be this way. Matt Jacobs has helped thousands of people break free from anxiety using hypnotherapy. He can help you too.

Hypnotherapy can eliminate your anxiety suffering

You dont have to live in a default mode of perpetual anxiety. London Hypnosis can help you. 

The fear


Anxiety is the body’s natural response to threat triggered by the sympathetic nervous system, often known as the flight or flight response. Excessive anxiety is where the response is triggered where there is no threat. Something as innocuous as text message saying you phone bill is due, even if you have the money to pay the bill can fire off anxiety in some people. This anxiety can then spread to the mere pinging of the phone. The brain is not working against you, it's merely trying to protect you from a perceived threat, it's trying to ready you for action. It's behaving much like a dog that barks at the postman, it's warning the house of danger where there is none. With hypnotherapy this over protection can be addressed and so eliminate the resultant anxiety.



At low levels anxiety can help us stay focused and mentally alert. It helps us remember our passports at an airport, to remember to lock the doors when going away or to perform at our very best in an interview. In excess and when anxiety becomes constant it can be crippling for the sufferer. 

Not everyone who worries has an anxiety disorder. You may experience excessive anxiety if you are under a heavy work load, had a lack of sleep or even consumed to much caffeine. Side effects of certain medications can also cause anxiety symptoms.

Matt is a renowned expert on treating anxiety disorders and has 20 years experience treating them with hypnosis and he can help you to break free from the horror of anxiety as well.

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Anxiety disorders can be grouped into five major types, each having a distinct symptom profile:

Anxiety attacks.

Generalised anxiety disorder.


Social anxiety disorder.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).


Overwhelming feelings of panic.

Feelings of going crazy and losing control.

Chest pain.

Heart palpitations.

Feeling that you are about to pass out.



Shaking or trembling.

Hypnotherapy can help with all of the above anxiety disorders and resulting symptoms. 

 Matt uses powerful hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques that can help you turn off the anxiety response and learn a new positive, calm, rational default mode of living. 

No one should be living in a constant state of anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help you to break free. 



If you suffer from anxiety, your mind has learned a default mode that its resorted to where it is over protecting you. It’s alerting you to dangers that do not exist. It cannot differentiate between a mental threat and a physical threat and so prepares your body for action with adrenaline and hyperventilation. 


Many people think they have to live with their anxiety, that it is part of them, part of their personality. It really doesn’t have to be this way. You have programmed your mind at an unconscious level to respond with fear where no threat exists. With hypnotherapy you can access your unconscious and begin to uninstall outdated, unhelpful ways of behaving and thinking. It’s very much like updating the firmware on your phone. In hypnosis, more positive, confident, rational beliefs and behaviours can overwrite the default fear responses that used to fire the anxiety. No one is doomed to live in a constant state anxiety and everyone deserves to free from it. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this.


Many people ask the question: "Does hypnosis work for anxiety? Or "Can hypnotherapy stop anxiety?” The answer is categorically yes, based not only on the cases that Matt has successfully worked on during his 20 years as a hypnotherapist in London, but research shows that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in combating anxiety.


Research in in 2019 by Valentine et al titled: The efficacy for hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety found that:  "the average participant treated with hypnosis for anxiety improved more than about 84% of control participants." With another study showing that "hypnotherapy has demonstrated 70% enhanced treatment outcomes and long term remission" 


Health Anxiety


Since lockdown, Matt has seen a huge rise in people coming to London Hypnosis with health anxiety. Health anxiety is a preoccupation and fear that a person has, or could develop a serious illness which involves the misinterpretation of normal bodily sensations as being dangerous.


Some healthy symptoms that can invoke fear and anxiety are changes in vision, changes in heart rate and blood pressure, saliva over breathing, balance, and general aches and pains. The physical sensations are very real, but they are not always symptoms of something more serious. Some people with health anxiety find their condition debilitating as it takes over their lives.


Anxiety vs Health Anxiety


Anxiety produces real bodily sensations such as rapid heartbeat, pins and needles, hyper ventilation, etc. These symptoms can often be calmed through reassurance from others that all is ok, or when the flight or flight response subsides.


Health anxiety persists regardless of reassurances and the fight or flight response persists as the fear of illness persists.


Those suffering from health anxiety often make frequent trips to the doctor but the reassurance that nothing is wrong is overridden by the raging anxiety. Health anxiety individuals often spend hours on the internet researching symptoms, learning about fatal diseases which increase the anxiety still further. becoming  more and more anxious as they obsessively check symptoms. This can be an endless loop of anxiety, checking symptoms and then more anxiety.


Conversely some people with health anxiety completely avoid going to the doctor due because of the fear they have a fatal disease which then in turn drives more anxiety.


Matt has successfully treated hundreds of individuals suffering from anxiety and those whose lives are blighted with health anxiety. He use powerful hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques proven to work. Get in touch today to see how he can help you. 


London Hypnosis Anxiety Testimonials


Hear what London Hypnosis clients say about how hypnotherapy has helped them with anxiety.

Names have been removed for total anonymity.

Home visit


A friend recommeded Matt to me after he went to him for stop smoking. I had around four sessions with Matt and with his help I found new ways of dealing with events that used to cause me huge amounts of anxiety.  I'm so much calmer now. 

West End 


Matt treated me with hypnotherapy for anxiety in London. His approach was was caring and engaging. I'd never felt truly hypnotised before untill I had sessions with him. I no longer wake up each morning gripped with fear. Highly recommended. 



I went to London Hypnosis to get help with my anxiety which had become unbearable. After just the first session, I felt as if a weight had been lifted from me and believed for the first time I could actully shake this once and for all. 



I had sessions with Matt online for my anxiety. I'd had hypnotherapy in the past but with Matt is was so much better and much more successful. His explanations of how and why I was feeling and reacting the way I was, were so helpful for me.  

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