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Insomnia is a problem that affects around 16 million people in the UK with two thirds of the population reporting disturbed sleep and quarter of the population not managing to sleep more than 5 hours each night.

Insomnia can be debilitating for the sufferer and can have a negative impact on both mental and physical health. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are powerful tools in combating insomnia

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Sleep issues are an increasing problem in the UK and Matt is seeing more and people seeking hypnotherapy for insomnia.

Sleep is absolutely vital for good health and those with disturbed sleep find them selves at risk of physical symptoms such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. There is some evidence to suggest that a lack of sleep may also increase a person's risk of dementia.

When insomnia strikes it can be a self fulfilling prophecy and vicious cycle as the individual worries about not being able to sleep which in turn causes a stress response releasing cortisol and adrenaline which inhibits sleep.

The good news is that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can break this cycle of stress and insomnia and reset the natural rhythm of sleep.

Acute and chronic


Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can make it hard to with fall asleep or stay asleep. Insomnia can also cause you to wake up too early and/or find it difficult to get back to sleep.

People suffering from insomnia can often feel feel tired when their wake up and have a lack of energy which can affect their mood. This then can have a knock on affect which impacts health, performance at work and overall quality of life.

How much sleep an individual needs varies from but most adults need 7 to 9 hours a night.

Many people have experiences short-term insomnia at some point in their lives which can last for days or weeks. This acute insomnia is often due to stress or a traumatic event. Chronic insomnia is when sleep disturbance last for more than three months.



Although there is no main cause of insomnmia the following can impact its severity:





A room that's too hot or cold

Uncomfortable beds

Alcohol, caffeine or nicotine

Recreational drugs like cocaine or ecstasy

Jet lag

Shift work.

Cutting down or elimnining the above can often work but help is often needed to adress these issues, and this is where hypnotherapy is ideally placed as a treatment for insomnia.

By dealing with the deeper causes, hypnotherapy can eliminate your insomnia.

Hypnotherapy can improve your sleep 


Sleep disturbances and insomnia can be intolerable. Laying awake at night staring at the ceiling praying for sleep to come upon you, the body exhausted but the mind racing. Finally falling asleep 30 mins before the alarm goes of in the morning.


Insomnia can have many causes, but in Matt’s experience in treating it, stress is often the underlying culprit. It doesn’t have to be stress that is obvious, it can be unnoticed stress that slowly builds and builds, little issues upon bigger issues that cause the mind to become hyper alert and vigilant When this happens, the last thing it wants is for you to go to sleep. It thinks you are in mortal danger and so to close your eyes, which are your main form of defence and drifting off into a wonderful sleep is something the mind will do anything to prevent. Insomnia is more and more prevalent in the modern world.


Some individuals see insomnia or a lack of sleep as badge of honour proudly proclaiming they only need a few hour sleep each night to perform at their high pressure job. These individuals  would become far sharper, more productive, healthier and happier if they moved towards normal sleep pattens and had the optimum about of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep and insomnia means that both your body and brain don’t function as they should the next day. It affects your attention span, concentration levels, strategic thinking skills, assessments of certain risks and your reaction times. This can be vital if you have important decisions to make the day. Getting the correct amount of sleep can help you to stay sharp and focused or the whole day.


Treating insomnia with hypnotherapy aims to retrain and reset the mind where it understands there is no physical threat to the individual and so turn off the stress response which was inhibiting sleep. Insomnia, whether acute or chronic can be eliminated with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Make contact today to find out more.



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Insomnia clients share their experices of how hypnotherpy has helped them

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I sleep sooo much better after having hypnotherapy for my insomnia with Matt! I hadn’t slept properly for over 5 years after a very traumatic episode in my life. I was exahusted every day due to lack of sleep. I thought I would never sleep again until I met Matt. 






I had chronic insomnia for years, mainly due to pressures from work to meet ever more demanding targets. During the day I never really felt present and my mind was a fog. I had 4 sessions of hypnosis with Matt and he transformed my life. 




Home Visit 


After ten years as long haul cabin crew my sleep patterns were screwed. I tried to settle back into a normal life but had chronic insomnia which was making me really depressed. I had some hypnotherapy home visits with Matt to deal with it. Highly recommended. 




Home visit 


I was in in loop of stress, anxiety and insomnia, all of which were feeding the other. My sister gave me Matt’s details and I’m so happy she did. Hypnotherapy was a light bulb moment for me, I suddenly understood how I could change things in my unconscious.




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