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With their vivid imaginations, active listening skills and the ability to become absorbed in a story, children are wonderful at hypnosis and readily respond to hypnotherapy techniques.

A large proportion of Matt’s work is hypnotherapy for children where he is highly regarded and recommended not just in London but worldwide.

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Child hypnotherapy


Children respond wonderfully to hypnosis and hypnotherapy



Children don’t have fully developed critical thinking skills so will readily absorb information without analysis or criticism. They will accept statements such as “you are bad” or “you have failed” as absolute truths.

Children who are victims of bullying will believe the words off the bully such as “you’re ugly:” or “you’re fat”. With this in mind it is vital to be careful of the words one uses with children knowing that these words will become their reality. This underdeveloped critical faculty does has its positives however. Just as negative words and phases will be readily accepted so too will positive, constructive ones.

Feeding children with these positives is key to giving them the keys to cope in the situations that life presents them with.



Children love stories. They become completely absorbed in the story as it becomes a reality for them whether its a book, a film or being read to.

Stories with positive metaphors embedded in them are extremely powerful and Matt uses these in his hypnotherapy with children.

Finding out the child’s interests, passions hopes and dreams, Matt is able weave metaphors into the stories he uses in hypnosis so that the child just thinks they are being told a nice story with their eyes closed but some powerful positive changes are taking place below the surface in their unconscious minds. Parents often phone Matt after a session  saying how much better their child is but amazed at how or what he did to achieve this.

life skills


Treating children with hypnotherapy can not only help them with the immediate issue that needs addressing but can also equip them with lifelong coping strategies and skills that they can use throughout their lives.

Part of Matt’s work is teaching children that they do not serve their emotions, and instead that their emotions serve them. Emotions are merely indictors, like warning lights on a car showing attention needs to paid to an issue. Understanding this principle can help individuals from being at the mercy of anxiety, excessive stress and depression.

Having been in practice as one of London's most referred hypnotherapists for 20 years, Matt sees adults that he treated as children where they often mention the fact they still use the techniques he taught them when they were younger.

Hypnosis can help your children 


Matt often hears the questions: “Does hypnotherapy work for children?" “Does hypnosis work for kids?” "Can children be hypnotised?" Yes is the answer to all these questions.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are wonderful approaches for children and Matt has a reputation as one of the best hypnotherapists in London for children with most of his work coming from referrals from parents of children he has helped with all sort of issues such as childhood anxiety, exam nerves, bedwetting, school anxiety, separation anxiety, nightmares, nail biting, teeth grinding, and dental phobia to name just a few.


One of Matt’s areas of expertise is treating children with hypnosis and hypnotherapy who suffer from anxiety. Children respond readily with hypnosis and become engaged in the process. Matt has found that the number children from suffering from anxiety has exploded since the covid lockdown restrictions. This anxiety can also start with pressure from exams, another area where hypnotherapy is invaluable in calming the flight or flight response.


Research into hypnotherapy in children shows that: the formal use of hypnosis can be a valuable primary or adjunctive therapy, especially in children. Children are more in touch with innate imagery processes than adults and consequently can learn and use self-hypnosis easily and hypnotherapy has proven useful in anxiety control.


Children make great hypnosis subjects as they are actively engaged with their imagination and easily follow simple instructions. Often, Matt will not even mention the words hypnosis or hypnotherapy with children, especially if they are nervous. He will simply ask them to close their eyes and imagine something for a while. The hypnotherapy is bespoke and tailored to each individual child with the goal being for each child to recognise their unique individual strengths and talents and then enhance and strengthen these resources.


As well as using hypnotherapy with children, Matt will always teach coping strategies and techniques that they can use anywhere and in any situation thereby giving them the tools and confidence so they no longer become overwhelmed with unwanted emotions.


Matt sees children with their parents at Edgware, the West End, and online but a large proportion of parents take advantage of a hypnotherapy home visit where the child can often feel more comfotable in their own environment. 




Hypnotherapy for children testimonials


Parents speak about how hypnotherapy has helped their children at London Hypnosis

Names have been removed for total anonymity.

Home Visit


My GP gave me Matt’s details for my little girl who was refusing to go school as she was suffering from terrible anxiety. Matt was incredible, It was amazing to see how he works and my girl really enjoyed the sessions with him.

She is much better now and enjoying school



Home visit 


My child had hypnotherapy with Matt after we had tried everting to stop him wetting the bed. A friend recommended Matt to us. We knew nothing about hypnosis but Matt explained everything in clear terms over the phone beforehand. It’s been two years of dry beds now. 




Home visit


My partner and I arranged a hypnotherapy home visit with Matt for our boy who was pulling his eyebrows out.Three sessions of hypnosis and he hasn’t done it since. So many of my friends have used Matt as well. Highly recommended.





Home visit 


Matt came to see us and successfully treated one of our children who developed anxiety attacks during Covid lockdown. It was hard to get her out the house she was so bad. Matt made the hypnotherapy fun for her and she really engaged with the process in a positive way.




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