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Matt Jacobs MSc. 

Matt Jacobs has been in private clinical hypnotherapy practice for 21 years. He was the first person in the world to earn a master’s degree in clinical hypnotherapy which he gained with distinction.

He has successfully treated a vast array of conditions too numerous to list and his clients range from firefighters through to Oscar winning actors and children as young as ten through to octogenarians.

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Matt has a been senior lecturer at an award winning hypnosis college, a hypnosis expert witness in a court case and has clients fly in from as far as Tanzania to see him.

Clients from every corner of the globe regularly see Matt for online hypnosis sessions.

Matt is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register as an advanced hypnosis practitioner. This is the very highest level of registration possible and confirms that Matt has undertaken a course of instruction beyond the normal practitioner level. Click here for more information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.



Hypnotherapy is a science, yet also an art.

It's relatively easy to learn the science of hypnosis and to learn the basics of hypnotherapy. The art of hypnosis however is harder to acquire.

To observe the myriad of signals given off by a client's language, conscious and unconscious takes time to learn. To understand the body language of a client, their eye cues, their true goals, and to truly listen only comes with experience.

No amount of hours spent in a classroom learning the science of hypnosis can compete with experience.



Matt's approach to hypnotherapy is to start with a blank canvas with each client. Nobody and nothing is judged and a partnership is fostered so that the client gets what they want in the shortest time scale possible.

Matt adapts and tailors powerful hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques so that they are bespoke for each individual. This approach, Matt feels, is vital as each client is a one off, unique, complex human being who deserves the very best.

With 21 years experience and with the UK's top qualification in clinical hypnotherapy you can be assured of the very best treatment available.


“Matt is a hypnotherapist with a unique, independent and engaging style which makes me actually look forward to my sessions whereas in the past with other therapists it seemed like a chore and something I would try to avoid.”


This comment from a client highlights the therapy that Matt practices. If an individual feels at ease, comfortable and has a rapport with a therapist then change is easier to facilitate as people become engaged, empowered and drive their own therapy forward building a momentum that becomes unstoppable.


Originally training back in the early 2000s with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, Matt returned to embark their new MSc Clinical Hypnotherapy programme in 2011. With all the other students either needing extensions or dropping out, Matt became the only person to graduate on time thus becoming the first person in the world to hold the MSc award in Clinical Hypnotherapy. His research “A Qualitative Study Exploring the Application of Clinical Hypnosis to Decondition Cue Reactivity in Smokers” was the world's first empirical research to look into treating cue reactivity in smokers with clinical hypnosis. This research builds the foundation of his stop smoking sessions and also informs his cocaine addiction  and sugar addiction treatment.


Matt always has a clear and open mind with each new client, never pre judging the treatment he will use. He then targets exactly what they want to achieve bringing his vast knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques to bring about positive changes.


Matt has treated every kind of issue you could imagine in his years as a respected and renowned hypnotherapist. From children with anxiety and phobias though to survivors of traumatic events such as sexual abuse and terrorist attacks.

If you are thinking about hypnotherapy in london for any issue you can be assured of highest standards from Matt at London Hypnosis.

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Years experience as a clinical hypnotherapist.



 In the world to hold an MSc. in clincal hypnotherapy.



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