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Fear and phobias are not the same thing. Fear is the normal response to a threat where a phobia is an abnormal or exaggerated response to a genuine or imagined threat. Phobias affect people of all ages, sexes and from all social groups. Matt has used hypnotherapy for all sorts off phobias from Ablutophobia (phobia of bathing) all the way through to Zelophobia (phobia of jealousy). Make contact today to see how Matt can help you. 

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Phobias can be mild or extreme. The latter can be debilitating for some individuals as the phobia can spread into loosely connected stimuli. For example Matt has treated a phobia of sharks which had become so extreme it spread to any kind of water, such as swimming pools and even the bath tub. Using a variety of hypnotherapy techniques and EMDR, Matt was able to extinguish the phobia completely. 

Sometimes, the origins of a particular phobia are known, for example the above example was the individual being exposed to the movie Jaws at a very young age. Some phobias have no remembered origin but could have started when a mother constantly overprotected a baby in a pram from a wasp which then develops into a wasp phobia.

Some phobias it is now being suggested may actually be passed on through our DNA.



More and more research is suggesting that genetics play a role in some in anxiety disorders such as phobias. It is argued that traumatic experiences become imprinted in the DNA as protection for future generations that then became abnormal, irrational responses, ie phobias. This doesn’t mean that people with inherited phobias are stuck with them, far from it. In Matt’s experience, knowing or not knowing the source of the phobia is never an issue. It’s all about how the client moves on from then here and now, learning new responses to phobic stimuli. 

If some one has lived with a phobia all their lives it can be difficult to imagine being free of the phobia at first and it takes great courage to make the first step in getting help as the mind is screaming “danger!”  The last thing it wants to do is let the body relax in the face of a perceived threat, it wants the body ready to flight or to flee.

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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are potent tools in extinguishing phobias. Matt has a vast array of techniques at his disposal to treat phobias and will chose the most appropriate technique for the individual  concerned.

Hypno- desensitisation is one approach where the client is gradually desensitised to the phobic stimuli. Another technique Matt employs is Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) which was developed for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but is incredibly powerful in the treatment of phobias as well.

Self hypnosis is often taught for the client to practice in-between sessions.

Whatever your phobia, whether it's mild or extreme, no matter how long you you've had it, Matt at London Hypnosis can help you.

Get in touch now and let go of your phobia. 

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People tend to laugh at other people’s phobias but for the sufferer, the dread is quite real with symptoms of anxiety, sweating, trembling and avoidance of the stimuli.


At London Hypnosis phobias can often be extinguished with just a few sessions of hypnotherapy, it can even be the case that in some circumstances one session is all that’s required. Some phobias however, can be more complex and deep rooted with the unconscious being reluctant to let go of the phobia and what it thinks of as protection from a danger.


A phobia of buttons once proved to be a stubborn one to shift. Most people will wonder how a button could be scary or how such a simple everyday object can ever invoke dread in an individual. The sufferer of this particular phobia however was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The buttons were the gatekeeper to this abuse and so the mind focused on the buttons and a phobia developed. With the use of EMDR and hypnotherapy over several sessions the individual pushed the phobia to extinction.


This case highlights the importance of not assuming that phobias are all simple cases and also not pre judging any treatment plan before having the client in front of you and finding out as much information as possible so as to tailor the therapy uniquely to the individulal. 


Matt has honed his listening skills and hypnotherapy services for phobias over 20 years of being one of London’s best hypnotherapists so you can be assured of the finest phobia treatment.



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Phobia clients share their experices of how hypnotherpy has helped them

Names have been removed for total anonymity.



Matt helped me with a dreadful phobia of cows. I’ve no idea where this phobia came from but I had recently moved to the country so was a real problem for me! I had only 2 sessions of hypnotherapy with Matt and he cured my phobia completely. I've been back to him for other issues since. 





 My friend told me to go to see Matt and to have hypnotherapy for my phobia of neck ties. Any time one was around my neck I would gag and feel physically sick. The friend who sent me was getting married and so I was going to have to wear a tie. Matt was great and did it in  one session. 





I had a phobia of being locked in places, not so much claustrophobia, but anytime a door was locked, be it a toilet or an aeroplane. I had hypnosis for it with Matt and had 4 sessions which were incredible. I learned so much about how my mind works. 





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I developed claustrophobia during lockdown and I just could not bear to be in any confined spaces for more than a few mins. My GP gave me Hypnotherapist Matt Jacobs’s details. I was unsure if it would work but it did and I’m his biggest fan now. He is a very likeable.




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