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You know you should stop smoking, there is not one smoker on this planet that does not understand the health risks associated with smoking, this is precisely why scare mongering doesn't work.

When you see the warnings that "smokers die younger" on a packet of cigarettes, you already know this, you knew this when you started, so why should it stop you now? If you have the desire to stop smoking then there is only one thing you have to understand. You can stop smoking.

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy


Matt Jacobs carried out the world's first empirical research into clinical hypnosis and cue reactivity in smokers.

When it comes to stopping smoking you are in expert hands at London Hypnosis

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Matt Jacobs at London Hypnosis has helped hundreds of people stop smoking with Hypnotherapy. His approach is grounded in years of practice and experience as one on London’s top and most recommended hypnotherapists. 

Attempting to stop using will power is usually doomed to failure as you try to consciously change an unconscious habit. Hypnotherapy is different. In a stop smoking session, (only one session is usually required) the unconscious mind is accessed so you rapidly and easily stop smoking and become a happy non-smoker.

All you have to do is arrive with the desire to stop smoking. You will leave with no withdrawal symptoms or cravings. You will find that you substitute nothing in place of cigarettes, therefore weight gain is not an issue.



The mere thought of stopping smoking can fill smokers with fear and Anxiety.

The mind starts to spin in all directions about the times you’ll not be able to smoke. Breaks at work, the morning coffee, the pub, holidays. It’s as if you're giving up so much.

Yet with hypnosis you needn't think like this. For what are you giving up? Nothing. You body has never needed formaldehyde, cyanide, arsenic and 4000 other chemicals that are found in cigarettes.

So you are giving up nothing. Yet gaining everything.

You will become fitter, richer, calmer, healthier. By doing nothing. How many times in life can you say that? That you can gain so much by doing nothing.

By simply not smoking.



A study in Tel Aviv argues that cigarette craving has more to do with the psychosocial element of smoking than the physiologically addictive properties of nicotine alone (Dar, 2010). The research, across 2 studies, examined the smoking behaviour of male and female flight attendants on both long and short haul flights, varying in duration between 3 and 13 hours. Craving levels were measured using a questionnaire.

The results showed that the length of the flight had no impact on the level of craving but craving was significantly higher at the end of flights suggesting that craving increased in anticipation of the aircraft landing. 

You can stop smoking with hypnotherapy. Matt Jacobs is an expert hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis techniques grounded in research. Get in touch today. 

Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking


Using, proven hypnotherapy techniques born from empirical research and honed over twenty years of clinical practice, London Hypnosis can help you to stop smoking.


Matt is an expert on using hypnotherapy to help people that want to stop and is referred for this service by top medical proffesionals not only in the UK but globally. People not only see see Matt for this service with online hypnotherapy but often fly in to see him from every corner of the world.


Many people think their are addicted to to cigarettes and can’t stop. Matt explains the psychology that keeps people reaching for cigarettes and de bunks the myth around smoking.


A large body of research evidence shows that cue reactivity plays an important role in the development and maintenance of tobacco smoking. A review of this research identified a gap where clinical hypnosis had yet to be applied in attempting to decondition this cue reactivity


What does this mean in the real world? It simply means that you are conditioned to smoke. The physical craving and withdrawal is far less intense than smokers are lead to believe. It is the cues, the associations, that intensify the desire the to smoke. For example a smoker will no have desire to smoke in the morning (even having not smoked for hours while asleep) until a  cue fires off the desire, a kettle boiling or pouring a drink are 2 strong examples. These cues continue throughout the day. Breaks at work, exiting a tube station, socialising with friends are all examples of powerful cues.


The hypnotherapy techniques that Matt use are powerful and lasting and at London Hypnosis hundreds people have become non smokers so you can be assured of expert help. The therapy is tailored to you as an individual taking all of your personal smoking cues and behaviours into consideration along with your motivation to stop smoking.


Stop smoking sessions at London Hypnosis take around an hour and a half to two hours and are backed up by free sessions for two weeks should they be needed. They rarely are. Take the first step to becoming a happy healthy non smoker now. 


Click here or more information about smoking and hypnosis research.


London Hypnosis stop smoking testimonials


Stop smoking clients share their experices of how London Hypnosis helped them

Names have been removed for total anonymity.



No cravings, no withdrawal symptoms, and no cigarettes. I had tried everything before I saw Matt. Patches, cold turkey, vaping, the lot. I woke up after the hypnosis feeling that cigarettes meant nothing to me. I didn’t hate them and they didn’t make me feel sick I just didn’t want to smoke. If you want to stop, go and see Matt.


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 I was a social smoker that only smoked with friends at the pub etc. I really thought I could stop doing that at any time. Until I tried and I couldn’t! Matt explained to me and use and doing and used hypnosis to urn of those cues. I haven’t smoked since I saw him and I’ve sent all my friends to him.



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 I was referred to Matt for hypnotherapy for stop smoking  by my doctor who told me I had to stop. I’d been smoking since my early teens and could not imagine life without smoking. I was nervous about the hypnosis but Matt is very friendly and helped me feel at ease from the first moment. I’m a non smoker now thanks to him.


Home visit 


If I can do it anyone can. I was smoker since I was 14 and before I stopped I was smoking around 40 cigarettes. Matt had stopped a few of my friends smoking with hypnotherapy so I went to see him. He worked his magic on me and I’ve not smoked in over 5 years now.




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