Online Hypnotherapy 



Twenty years ago London Hypnosis was a hypnotherapy practice that only served London and the suburbs with clinics in the West End of London, Edgware and hypnotherapy home visits.  Fast forward two decades and with the advent of fast reliable internet and wireless devices it is now a truly global practice serving clients all around the world.


Matt particularly has large client bases in India and Dubai. In the past, his clients would often fly in to London for sessions but now they can take advantage of online hypnotherapy sessions.


Many people ask if hypnosis works online and the answer is yes! Some clients like to enhance the experience by wearing noise cancelling headphones which filter out any distracting noise meaning that can have an online hypnotherapy session literally anywhere. Matt has conducted hypnosis sessions online to busy film sets, remote oil rigs, vast deserts and bustling cities.


Another advantage of online hypnotherapy sessions is that can Matt can be available for clients if he is out of the country. This can be invaluable if the individual is suffering and needs an urgent appointment. Matt has held sessions in the middle of the Egyptian Red Sea on a dive boat!


Online hypnotherapy sessions can be conducted on various platforms to suit you, Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime Microsoft Teams, Facebook etc. All you need is a stable internet connection. Headphones or earbuds are not essiential but as mentioned earlier, some indivuals find they enhance the hypnosis experience. 


If you think that online hypnotherapy would work with your lifestyle, wherever you are, get in touch today to arrange an appointment.

Hypnotherapy in London Treatments 

Hypnotherapy for Alcohol
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
Hypnotherapy for Children
Hypnotherapy for Confidence




Hypnotherapy for Depression
Hypnotherapy for IBS
Hypnotherapy for Insomnia
Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks




Hypnotherapy for Phobias
Hypnotherapy for Smoking
Hypnotherapy for Stress
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss